Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well there has been a lot happen since summer ended. Clearly I've been terrible at posting. :( JJ started the third grade this year, has a great teacher, so he enjoys school. JJ's best friend transferred to another school this year, so I was nervous about him meeting new friends this year, but that is no concern. He still enjoys playing the piano, and it quite talented. He played flag football in the fall and did very well, he is always one of the most valuable players! Now he is enjoying skiing with his Dad, Spencer tells me that every year he is a little different skier, and that this year he just goes REALLY fast, scary! JJ won the musical composition at the school's reflections competition! JJ recently received his wolf in scouts along with many belt loops, he will be moving onto the bears now that he turned 9! We just celebrated his birthday, and each year I can't help but think he was the best Christmas gift I ever got! Love you JJ!

My Little tweety bird started the 1st grade this fall, she too has a great teacher and enjoys school. Her teacher was so impressed by how much she already knew going into 1st grade, Eva has a "Pal" that she helps out everyday. In October she and JJ received the star student award, we are so proud of them. Eva is in Gymnastics and enjoys that. She recently joined the Girl Scouts and is always excited to go! Eva is the sweetest most thoughtful person. She spent much of December making Christmas gifts for everyone. Eva really wanted to have a gingerbread party for her friends, we did, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Eva doesn't need to be the center of attention, but she's the kind of person who loves to be surrounded by family and friends, she's my little social bug! I love my tweety bird!

Cy has been extremely busy working on his "art work" recently.  He colors on paper, gets a piece of tape and hangs it on the wall. Our walls are completely covered with his drawings. This Christmas was very exciting for Cy, he was really excited to open presents after opening some that Eva made I kept all the other presents hidden until Christmas Eve. We ended up having a white christmas which is so fun for Cy, he loves playing in the snow, and especially shoveling! Cy has such a happy heart, and it's contagious, you can't help but be happy with him around. We love our Cy Cy!

Ana turned two which means she is even sassier than before! She is precious, and loves being told that she is! Ana has a sweet little voice, loves to sing and dance. She is our little princess, she loves dressing like one too! We love our Nani Goat!

Spencer and I were able to go to Las Vegas for the Utah Bowl Game, it was a nice break, we really enjoyed spending that time together, it was awesome that they won too! We also got to go skiing for my birthday, it's always nice to go just the two of us! For Thanksgiving we went to the Pocatello for the Bywater Thanksgiving, we enjoyed spending quality time as a family!





Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nani Goat

Our little Ana turned 2 in November, my how time flies! When I got pregnant with Ana shortly after Cy was born (16 mon apart) someone told me that I won't have a life for two years. It made me cry just thinking about it, but in truth it flew by, true that time was not my own, but my little buddy Cy's and my lil princess Ana's. Ana is definitely a princess. She love to wear dresses EVERY day, and has been known to throw a fit if I pick out pants for her to wear. She loves pink, loves to watch "Elsa", and "Ariel", and she loves to cuddle with her stuffed animals and blankies. She still sucks her ring and index finger at the same time, and she still drinks a baba, oops, gotta do something about that! :) She has shown some interest in potty training and has even gone a couple times in the potty. Lately she has undressed and de-diapered herself in the morning and after nap, not sure what to do about that, we keep telling her that's No-No, but she just does it again. Ana is really smart, she understands everything, and is really good at communicating, she speaks very well, there are only a handful of words that someone who isn't around her a lot might not know. Ana has learned her colors, can count to 10, then she skips to eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. Ana learned a number of Christmas songs this year, its pretty funny to hear her sing: Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and many more. One of the things I love about her is that she refers to herself as, "Nani Goat". We call her Nani Goat all the time, but she'll sometimes ask,  "is this Nani Goats?" I think it is so cute. Ana and Cy have become really good buddies! Ana loves the kitty, and sometimes loves on her too much. Ana has a strong personality, and can be very unpleasant, yet sometimes she melts your heart. She can be so cute, and the life of the party, she loves to dance, and I always enjoy watching her do so! We are so grateful for out little Nani Goat!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Vacation!

This year we were able to spend a week in beautiful southern California. We drove there, so we stopped in Las Vegas, but most of our trip we spent at Zuma Beach in Malibu! Spencer and I love, love, love the beach! We could spend an entire week there. But for the kids sake we spent one day at the pool and one day at the Santa Monica Pier. We had a wonderful time, and looking back at the pictures it makes us long to be there again. 

Cy didn't enjoy the ocean, so we would make a little "pool" in the sand, we would dig it where the tide would fill it up occasionally, Cy and Ana really loved that! Cy spent everyday digging, making towers, and building sand castles, that's what he loves to do. Cy and Eva would also "make cake" out of sand of course. Eva was a little intimidated by the waves, but really enjoyed going out with mom or dad. Eva loved collecting special rocks and sea shells, and flying her kite. JJ really got a hang of boogie boarding, he really enjoyed that, and he was really good to help the little ones build sand castles and dig up pools! Lil Ana learned that if she very sweetly asked for your hand that we would walk her down to the water. She really enjoyed the water, and our little pools!

We really enjoyed our time at the Santa Monica Pier. The kids got to go on lots of rides!


Epic Summer

At the beginning of summer I had read and article about "Mom's summer bucket lists." Basically it talked about how Moms are stressing themselves out trying to do this and do that. I decided that I wanted to do something everyday, but most days were very simple like playing on the slip n slide, or baking cookies together. We did go on a lot of "field trips" too, over all we had a really fun summer, and I'm a lil sad that its coming to an end. These are highlights from our summer:
We enjoyed many trips to the park, hanging out in the backyard, and playing with cousins and friends...

JJ at his first scout camp

JJ got to go canyoneering with Dad, Uncle Jeff, and Uncle Ryan
JJ lost his second tooth on this trip!

Spending the day at the rec center is always one of our favorite activities!

We had an epic adventure starting with a float down the river, followed by a bike ride, and a stop at Bridal Veil Falls! What a day!!!

I wanted to throw in some "field trips" that we could learn about animals ect...
We went to the aquarium, planetarium, farm, dinosaur museum, children's museum,  zoo, and the curiosity museum!

JJ got to canoe the Green River with Spencer!!!

We did a lot of hiking...

And here we are at the top of the world, well maybe just Snowbird!